Hear Me! Communication Programme – AIM

Hear Me! is a training initiative for service industry staff, to enhance their ability to interact with individuals with communication disabilities. This training will directly help catering staff to learn and apply strategies and tools to engage effectively with people with communication disabilities.

Action Plan: Personal and Business | Certification Process

When a number of staff has completed the Hear Me training module a person with communication disability and will visit your business to order a drink and/or food. During this process they will review a) how communication friendly the business is and b) how you use supportive strategies. If the order is successful, your business will be Hear Me! Certified. This will identify your business as a communication friendly business. This certification will be reviewed every year.

Achieving the HEAR ME! Approval

On meeting the criteria stated above, you will receive a Hear Me! symbol for your business. This will identify your business as a communication-friendly business

Module for Certification Process:

  • What is involved in a conversation?
  • What are communication impairments?
  • What are communication rights?
  • Listening to personal experiences of people with communication disabilities
  • Observe good and ordering experiences
  • Action Plans: Personal and Business

Learning Outcomes of Certification:

  • You will understand more about communication disability
  • You will learn about different ordering experience
  • You will learn a range of strategies that you can use to support your interactions with people with communication impairments
  • You will set a personal action plan
  • You will strive for your business or the business where you work to become Hear Me! Certified as a Communication Friendly Environment for all people.